Friday, July 3, 2009

Down for DC

After a month of being offline in my own private Idaho (more details in a future post), I'm thrilled to not only wake to a weekend with wireless internet, but in of all places, Washington, DC. Long-term readers may recall my love for this city, only exacerbated by my surprise trip last May ominously timed as a great birthday present, and during the weekend of the event that has topped my Bucket List, the White House Correspondent's Dinner. Even though I was not able to score a last-minute ticket seat to the event, I still had an incredible time in DC and am honored it has welcomed me back so soon.

Culinary highlights so far include a newly "discovered" weekday breakfast & lunch spot called Port of Piraeus which offers Greek food. I had to have the Delaware Destroyer, a unique take on a breakfast sandwich which included a 3-egg omelett with lettuce, tomato and pickle on a sub. I was about to grab a small fruit platter to help healthify my breakfast, but as my companion warned me, the sandwich was about the size of my arm. And, I must admit, much tastier. The only thing missing was some scrapple or better yet, some Spam. My savior ordered the Miami Hammy which was a toasted bagel with ham, cream cheese, and sweet pepper strips. I have to say that bagels will no longer be the same again. I can forgo the ham, but sweet pepper strips are now mandatory for my bagels and cream cheese. And I am so excited to learn that their daily special on Thursday will be Pastitsio. I am SO there next week!

Thursdays also mean Penn Quarter Farmers Market, and this week's did not disappoint. Now that things are coming into season, there was a plethora of yumminess. Food writer, Monica Bhide, was there promoting her latest book, Modern Spice, and offering tasty samples of her roasted beet salad and yogurt dressing. And I was thrilled to find white and yellow peaches make their season premier. It's their first weekend and although the white peaches still needed a touch of ripening, I can't wait to grill them this afternoon at a friend's barbeque and drizzle them with the raw honey I also purchased at the market.

Afterwards, I took the Metro to Alexandria, VA and met with a couple of friends at La Tasca for a quick drink. I couldn't help but notice some beautiful jars of liquid yumminess at the bar that turned out to be sangria. You didn't have to blink to hear me quickly order a pitcher. Our only debate was the red, white or rose. We chose the rose which included beautifully marinated blueberries, what an appropriate way to kick-start the 4th of July weekend. I could have drowned in a happy death drinking that entire pitcher, but alas I had another stop that evening.

I had the honor of dining with a lovely couple I will refer to as the JWs at Restaurant Eve in Alexandria, VA. We met last May at Minibar and their glowing recommendations about this restaurant left me intrigued. Upon walking in, the place did not disappoint. In fact, I even remember being curious about this place when I had shopped at the consignment store next door when I was here last May. Perhaps it was meant to be and I am so grateful. We started with small and powerful Maryland Blue Crabcakes surrounded by a tangy slaw that enhanced their flavor. I'm grateful we ordered a second plate because they were so good. Our entrees included the two specials, hanger steak and king salmon from the Quiet River in Washington state. I've never heard of the Quiet River, but I'll have to find it because the salmon was so good. I ordered the pork belly (shock) which was artfully braised and confit'ed. One of the (many) things I really enjoy about dining with the JWs is together, we are not shy about ordering each of our own desserts. My friends back west and I are notorious for sharing one dessert (usually due to my insistence) and then leaving just that little tiny last bite to help alleviate their semblance of guilt for indulging. Oh heck no, not last night. We got the creme brulee, tart, and "Butterfinger" style napoleon with 2 of my favorite flavors, dark chocolate and peanut butter. Happy endings indeed!

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aschorr0013 said...

Next time you are in DC I recommend checking out one or more of these spots:

--Tackle Box (clam shack in G-town)

--Cafe Saint-Ex (french bistro on 14th St near U)

--Coppis (northern italian on U St near 14th)

--Granville Moores (belgian pub on H St)