Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor(less) Day in Seattle for @DaveIDFX

I'm so excited that one of my DC playmates, DaveIDFX is in town this weekend to attend the PAX Conference, which I think is quite appropriate that he'd be here for one of the ultimate gaming experiences.

But now that it's over, and he's got a free day today for the ultimate Seattle experience. To help focus his day towards his tastes and weather issues, here are some suggestions:
  • Leisurely morning at his hotel (his request)
  • Breakfast at either Lola or Dahlia Bakery (both across the street from each other on 4th & Virginia), or if REALLY leisurely morning, pizza at Serious Pie, just around the corner from Dahlia Bakery
  • Walk to Westlake Center and take the Monorail to Seattle Center
  • Visit the Science Fiction Museum (with optional time at Experience Music Project) - Dave's got his priorities!
  • Walk across 5th to see the construction project for the new Gates Foundation offices. Walk along 5th another block towards downtown, and there is the almost completed Visitors Center with the green rooftop (yay Green Group!)
  • If the weather is nice (unfortunately not, at time of this writing), consider going to Bumbershoot, right there at the Seattle Center
  • Post-museum lunch/snack at Dick's Drive In (not quite Ben's Chili Bowl or Five Guys Burger, but it is Seattle's burger)
  • Perhaps a walk around the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood, good place for record shopping
  • Leisurely walk back towards downtown or Pioneer Square

If Dick's doesn't fill Dave up and he wants to taste his way downtown, then here are a few spots along the route, kind of in order going south:

  • Uptown Espresso (4th & Wall) - Dave wanted good coffee, and this is a good place along the way
  • Macrina Bakery (1st & Battery) - good baked goods
  • Bedlam Coffee (2nd & Bell) - I haven't tried their coffee, but I think Dave'll like the scenery
  • Via Tribunali Pizza @ Crocodile Cafe (2nd & Blanchard) - good pizza in a historic Seattle music spot
  • Top Pot Donuts (5th & Lenora) - this is where @DCDavidG and I will usually meet for breakfast whenever he's in town
  • Dahlia Bakery (4th & Virginia) - be sure to get their coconut creme pie bites

Optional: if feeling artsy, there is the Olympic Sculpture Park. Once at Broad St., turn right towards the Sound and there will be the park.

If there is time for more touristy activities, hop on a bus to 1st & Yesler (will pass most of downtown) to the Underground Tour. It starts inside a bar called Doc Maynard's, and sure, have a beer while waiting for the tour to start. Although I highly suggest calling and get a reservation first, or at least get on the waitlist.

Have fun, Dave! Hopefully I'll get to see you at some point today, and if not tomorrow.

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