Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Living a Life of Yum

It's been an embarrassingly long stint since my last public post where I shared one of my many "Come to Jesus" moments during my Renegade Road Trip. I really freaked out after sharing a truly personal experience publicly, which likely shocks some of you who actually read my blog or see my Facebook or Twitter postings where I give the impression that I can easily share myself freely. No one believes me when I confide that I'm actually really shy. I mean, it's easy to write about food I eat, places I go, things I see and events I experience, but to share my deeper feelings publicly creates a whole anxiety I've chosen to avoid most of my life. Perhaps this is ironic since that post has drawn the most supportive commentary from readers publicly and privately.

But I'm a Feeler, as was blatantly pointed out by some recent personality and strengths tests that I had to take for my new team in DC. Not exactly a shocker, but it's an adjustment for me to own that label. Proudly? Not yet, but I'm working on it.

When I first came up with my blog's subtitle "Adventures in Yumminess," I wasn't just referring to the taste of food, but meant it as a metaphor about savoring the deliciousness of life. We experience so many moments of pleasure, and of pain, and then they go, like a bite of food. The memories linger, but the moments pass, and sometimes I'd like to capture them through words or photos.

So I'll be expanding the scope of this blog to capture those times when I live a life of YUM, whether through food, travel or other unimaginable moments of joy I get blessed to experience every now and then. And my hope is you get inspired to take some time to savor such occasions as they happen in your life -- and capture them, so the wonderful memories can live on.

In the meantime, I may post-date some of my writings that I've been hiding all this time. (Yes, I think some of us bloggers do that on occasion. Shhhhh...) Or, at the very least, this will get me to write more often without limiting my topics to just food and travel, two of my biggest, but not my only joys in life.

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