Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Falling for Food Trucks - El Floridiano

El Floridiano - Delicious pressed sandwiches based on Cuban tradition, although sandwiches go beyond the Cuban and Leche con Pan, but a couple of Asian inspired sandwiches that I look forward to trying in the future. Quality ingredients, especially the pork loin which is marvelously marinated, but the bread is toasted at such a low temperature that it dries out the bread more than it toasts it, causing a huge crumby mess all over your clothes and in your wake as you bite. Best if you're eating outside and don't have to vacuum, and the birds appreciate it, too. Prices are $7 for sandwiches, which I think is fair for that pork loin marinade alone, despite the extra cleaning you or your office janitor have to do. 

TIP: Don't eat at your desk or you'll be vacuuming crumbs from your keyboard for days.

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