Sunday, April 24, 2011

Did I Miss Something (A Poem for Easter)

Jesus of Nazareth spoke last week
On a hillside out in the country,
I was there and had a pretty good seat
But I kept thinking...

He should dress better,
And speak louder and more formally
(Did he say blessed or blest?)
On such an important occasion.

And the audience should dress better;
And some of them are noisy,
And some of them are the kind of people
Who don't really belong here at all.

And it's hot,
And it's dusty,
And the sun's in my eyes.
(Should I move to a better spot?)

It's funny though...
Many people didn't notice any of this
And seemed quite inspired-
And some were actually healed.

I'm starting to think I missed something.

-- Gary F. Mills (Christian Science Sentinel)

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