Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter Supper Menu Planning

As much as I'd like to make this event a "Best of" some of my specialty dishes, I've got to think practically. Unlike the smaller venues I've hosted, a bigger event requires even more strategy and provides for less forgiveness. But one nice thing I've learned is a key step is to take advantage of the situation and more hands mean more labor, so I'll figure out ways to delegate.

Regardless, I've got to put a few familiar favorites on the menu, with a twist on the theme to express my saintly -- ok, more likely sinful -- self:

Bubble Bubble Toil in Troublesome Devilish Ham
ham braised in a caramelly fizz
Goodie Goodie Green Beans
my not-so traditional take on the traditional casserole
Copycat Coconut Sumtangurrudder
perhaps my rendition of a beloved coconut cream pie or my friend's mother's southern-style coconut cake
And I'm so excited, friends are already responding and people are actually coming! One friend is bringing "A Virginal Veggie Plate."

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