Sunday, March 29, 2009

Heads up for Foodie Fans in Seattle

Attention GoGastronomy fans! I have to give you the heads up that pre-sale internet tickets have gone on sale for Anthony Bourdain and Mario Battali on stage at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle on May 30. Even though I don't exactly agree with their marketing as the "bad boys of cuisine," it'll definitely be a lively discussion, moderated by KIRO Radio's Luke Burbank from "Too Beautiful to Live." I'm a big fan of KIRO Radio and grateful to them for interviewing me for not just one, but two of their shows.

You can get tickets and more info at: I'm sorry I didn't send this message out earlier, but I'd been focused on another event as well as my day job.

But I'm telling you now, isn't that worth something?

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