Friday, March 6, 2009

Progressing in My Planning

I have a few strategies when it comes to menu planning, which I follow (or don't) according to my whim at the time.
  1. what's in season
  2. ingredient/s that I have in abundance
  3. special ingredients I'd like to share, especially from my travels
  4. occasion or theme I'd like to celebrate
  5. what's on sale

This time, however, I'm thinking of convenience. This dinner is on a Friday night which means I won't have time to do much prepping before, and the way my work has been going, it may feel like a long week. We'll be taking advantage of the hot tubs at my place, and I may take advantage of not having to drive home.

So, let's work backwards. At the end of the night, I'll want a dessert that can be done ahead of time. Something light and cool to enjoy after or during hot tubbing. After tweaking on my friend's special brownies technique last weekend (no, not THAT kind of "special!"), I really like the combination of chocolate and salt. Since I'll want something light, I'm thinking of mocking Josh Henderson's mother's deconstructed chocolate cream pie. I was craving more almost immediately after I tried it the first time and I think it's been almost a year since it's been on Skillet's menu. If he won't bring it back (hint! hint!), then I will do what I can to resurrect it. He did give me a couple of tips on how to make it back when I came crawling to him begging him to do it again. OK, it was just an email, but in my mind, I felt like a crackhead itching for his fix.

Great, dessert done.

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AnnieWawa said...

You have a hot tub at your place? Can I invite myself over if I bring salted chocolate caramels (my new fav)? xo