Monday, November 2, 2009

Foodportunity vs. Football

Obviously, I love food. But did you know I also like football? It's been a long-standing love, started by growing up in San Francisco during the hey-day of the 49ers from the Joe Montana/Bill Walsh/Jerry Rice years through the Steve Young/Steve Marriucci/Jerry Rice years. I was absolutely thrilled when Jerry Rice moved up to Seattle shortly after I did, unfortunately that didn't last too long.

Living in Seattle the past 5 years, I rarely get to see my hometown team play, even on TV. (Although, probably not a bad thing given the 49ers' record.) I needed a reason to look forward to Sundays. So I was thrilled with the opportunity to join a fantasy football league at work. We hadn't been together as a group since Draft Day and I was looking forward to the opportunity to watch Monday Night Football together.

However, one of the eminent foodie events was happening, Foodportunity. For some reason, I was torn.

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