Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This is when blogging every day can get real personal. Yesterday, I took a break from writing (and socializing and other activities) and really began cleaning and purging stuff that was no longer needed. I guess as you clear things out, you're also enabled to see things more clearly, and I ended up finding some unexpected details about a betrayal in my life. Of course, all sorts of emotional distress ensued, feelings that I thought I been getting over, and I was set back to where I was a year ago, remembering details, details that puzzled me but I hadn't give a second thought before, and realizing how blind I was at not seeing what was actually happening right under my nose. It was a tough night.

This morning I turned on the Today Show, despite wanting to cut down on television, something inside suggested this morning might be important to watch. And then they had a teaser about a woman they were going to interview, who had overcome the adversity of an abusive relationship, divorce and addiction to food, which hit close to home and they had my attention. I saw pictures of the woman's before pictures and holy cow, it was Amy Barnes, a former colleague. I'd always known her as a fit, confident woman (the after), but I recognized her pictures from the website of her new company, Inside & O.U.T. Fitness. I had no idea about her past, that she also came from an abusive relationship and suffered an addiction to food. We had some interesting parallels.

Did that include an addiction to food? Uh oh.

Well, I love food. I eat food, I have a food site, I write a food-based blog, I go to food-related events and my travels do tend to be based on finding the best food.

Really, an addiction? I kind of saw this as more of a celebration. More to explore.

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