Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Running Into Odd "Fellows" at Oddfellows Lodge

I had to run an errand at lunch today in Capitol Hill and coincidentally, my co-worker told me she was meeting a friend at a restaurant right where I had to run this errand, so we decided to carpool. I was thinking of just going to pick up some food after my errand (Rancho Bravo, Pike St. Fish Fry, Honeyhole), but I'd been wanting to try Oddfellows Lodge ever since it opened, so here was a great opportunity. Plus, I had signed up for NaNoWriMo, so I could use the time to myself to write my future best-selling novel without my usual distractions.

Oddfellows promotes the communal atmosphere with long tables throughout the center (and individual 2-4 top tables against the walls if you'd like to keep your party more private) and it didn't take long for their plan to work. Shortly after getting in line, the gentleman behind me and I struck a conversation since it was both of our first times at the restaurant and we sat together while he waited for his order to-go. As I was trying to decide where to sit, in walked Sarah, a fellow foodie friend I recently met (assuring me this was a good place). Shortly after that, Jeanie, a very dear friend from years ago appeared. I really appreciated the idea of having community and at this particular hour on this particular day, I could turn any corner and find a friend, new and old.

In case you're wondering about the food (oh, that!), it was wonderfully fresh, but the sandwich was a little dry and the salad a bit skimpy. I would still go back in a flash, however, with friends, or meet friends.

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