Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You Get What You Pay For

I've dined at Dahlia Lounge and Tom Douglas' restaurants over the years and am always impressed. However, trying November's Dine Out Seattle menu was a good example that you get what you pay for. Not that I was necessarily expecting a typical $100+ meal for only $30, but I did get used to a certain standard from Mr. Douglas, whether it's a cookie from his bakery to his pizza to the fancier Palace Kitchen. I appreciate the opportunity for people to try the famous Dahlia Lounge for a bargain price of $30 for three courses, but unfortunately I have to say the food just was not up to par. We tried the "Through the Years" and "And Now..." menus, which while inventive, were disappointing. Although the starter of the "And Now" menu of Bill Taylor's mussel's were extraordinary, the rest of the dishes fell flat. If you want to experience the true glory of what made Tom Douglas famous, save up your money and enjoy the traditional Dahlia menu. And be sure to order the mussels.

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