Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yucatan Yumminess

I was really happy today to find out my dear friend, Julie, would be joining me for Christmas in Mexico this year, and even more excited to find out that we will be there for her birthday, too. Part of the time, we'll be in Playa del Carmen, and I can't wait to take her to my favorite empanada shack, Las Commerciales located on Calle 8 Norte and 26th Avenida Norte, maybe half a block from the Walmart (don't judge, that's where my shuttle would stop).

I was walking toward the beach and happened to see a neon orange sign:
Empanadas $5
And like a beacon, I found myself at the counter in less than a blink. These delectable yummy treats were hand-made to order, and at 5 pesos a piece (less than US$.50), I could "splurge" on 3 of them. They were wonderfully moist without being too greasy, and the homemade sauces that accompanied them (a tomato-based sauce, a tomatillo sauce and a crema) added just a hint of heat, color and delightful flavor that my tongue was nothing less than overjoyed whenever I took a bite.

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